Lenestol Perugia Fur


Natural glamour With this armchair it s love at first sight! Soft, feminine lines, delicate proportions and low, angled legs with tiny feet combine with all-round, real lambskin upholstery – to die for! The design links retro chic with modern glamour – this is where we sip a cocktail, put on our high heels or velvet moccasins and celebrate life. Perugia transforms every room into a salon. In addition to its charming exterior the highlight of this armchair is its lambskin upholstery, which balances out temperature differences and repels dirt.

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Ramme: Kryssfiner Lakkert, Rammen: eucalyptus Heltre Natur/Ubehandlet, Trekk: real fur lambskin fur suede, Skum: 35 kg/m³ polyester, Fot/Ramme: Rustfri Stål Forkrommet


Vekt 26 kg
Dimensjoner D 50 cm × B 78 cm × H 77 cm